The following are links to portions of various National Codes that relate to emergency lighting equipment, their use, maintenance and operation.

National Electrical Code
Article 700 - Emergency Systems

National Electric Code
Article 500-4 - Class I Locations

Life Safety Code
Section 5-8 - Illumination of Means of Egress

Life Safety Code
Section 5-9 - Emergency Lighting

Life Safety Code
Section 5-10 - Marking of Means of Egress

Life Safety Code
Section 31-1 - Operating Features, General Requirements

ELESCO maintains a readily available stock of emergency lighting equipment, UPS equipment and batteries that comply with these requirements and can furnish and/or install as required.

You don't need to become a battery expert. ELESCO has the experts who are available to take care of your batteries for you and service your specific equipment.

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Sunday, September 03, 2006