By 2000 the volume of service business in Southern California, Las Vegas and Arizona had increased to the point that it was not economical to service accounts from the Stockton Service Center in Northern Califonia.

An office, a 9999 square foot warehouse and Service Center was opened in Fountain Valley.

It only took 4 years to out grow that facility. ELESCO moved to a 9999 square foot facility in Irvine and in a little over 4 years outgrew that facility.

In early 2009 ELESCO moved their Corporate Offices to a new 9999 square foot facility in Costa Mesa where they also added a training center.

In our fully equipped training center we conduct workshops for our clients on installation, batteries, preventative maintenance, operation & basic troubleshooting.

With a variety of lighting loads available and a broad representation of various lighting inverters we are also able to provide ELESCO technicians in-depth, hands-on experience in servicing equipment. As new systems are developed and older systems have up-graded modifications available, we are able to keep our technicians on the cutting edge of the industry.

Above are pictures of some of the workshops that were conducted at the Irvine training facility before it was moved to the new Costa Mesa facility and expanded to include more and newer systems.